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A Decade of Online Trading Services: Amana Capital Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

13 Dec 2020, Dubai

Amana Capital, an enterprising financial services firm, has achieved a new milestone: 10 years of delivering excellence in online trading services. Established in 2010, Amana Capital provides direct access to the global financial markets to both retail and institutional clients across more than 80 countries.

To mark the occasion, Amana Capital lit up Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building – with an astounding visual display in celebration of its corporate anniversary.

Over the past ten years, Amana Capital has been successfully expanding and evolving to stay at the forefront of industry trends. The company has positioned itself as a dedicated online trading partner to its clients. Today, Amana Capital operates multiple offices, staffed with 70 professionals, in London, Dubai, Limassol, and Beirut.

Through its journey, Amana Capital has embraced a digital approach, launched innovative financial trading offerings, and acquired brokerage licenses from reputable regional and international regulatory bodies. Over the years, the company has been recognized for its differentiated approach and awarded several accolades, including the Most Transparent Broker, Best Trading Support, Best Financial Derivatives Provider, Best Retail Broker, to name a few.

In a recent message, Ahmad Khatib, the CEO of Amana Capital, expressed his gratitude and pride in what Amana Capital has reached today: “As we celebrate our 10-year milestone, I would like to thank the Amana Capital team. Their dedication and hard work help us provide stellar services to our clients. Moving with the fast pace of digital transformation in financial services has brought Amana Capital to the coveted spot it holds today. I would also like to thank our parent company, 180 Capital, for its continued strategic support. Amana Capital looks forward to playing an important role in achieving 180 Capital’s objectives in its various lines of businesses, namely online brokerage, technology, and systematic asset management”. 180 Capital is owned by investors with diversified global business interests employing over 3,000 people.

“I am grateful to everyone who has supported us – from those that have been, and still are, with us since the beginning, to those that have contributed along our journey. I would especially like to thank our dear clients whose confidence and trust have helped shape who we are today,” Ahmad Khatib added.

Amana Capital’s vision has always been to be a leader in online trading by anticipating market needs and simplifying access to the world of trading.

Looking forward, Amana Capital is building on its entrepreneurial legacy and is expected to deliver ground-breaking products and services in the near future. As always, client satisfaction will remain a priority above any other. With its strong financial standing, regional and international presence, a full-service suite of products, and the latest cutting-edge technology, Amana Capital is well-positioned to expand its market share and flourish in the global marketplace.

About Amana Capital

Amana Capital ( is a specialist in online trading, providing institutional and retail clients worldwide direct access to the global financial markets. Amana Capital services clients in over 80 countries. Subsidiaries are regulated by the FCA, DFSA, CySEC, and CMA.


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