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Amana Capital, Centroid Solutions, and 514 Capital Partners Plan to Unite Under One New Holding - ‘180 Capital’

20 December 2017

London - United Kingdom

Amana Capital, Centroid Solutions, and 514 Capital Partners have announced a transformational plan to unite all three entities under a new holding structure, named ‘180 Capital’. The opportunity to create a new force in financial technology, was the catalyst in the evolution from separate entities to a combination of entities.

180 Capital ( will incorporate deep domain expertise in online brokerage, quantitative investment management, risk-management and regulatory technology solutions, and financial research, in one group. This progressive development comes in line with a collective vision to expand activities, broaden the customer base, and drive more growth through business synergies and the leveraging of resources and competencies.

The respective entities will seek the required legal and regulatory approvals

Karim Farra, Co-founder of 180 Capital and Chairman of 514 Capital Partners said: “Our companies have been steadily building distinct capabilities for several years. Our entrepreneurial dynamism will allow us to build a larger, more meaningful organization for our stakeholders”

Ziad Aboujeb, Co-founder of 180 Capital and Chairman of Centroid Solutions said: “We are excited to bring independent champions under one umbrella, as it will further strengthen our overall capabilities and product offering. The consolidation will accelerate our momentum through a mandate of strategic collaboration, facilitated by shared values, including integrity, competitiveness, and passion.”

Ahmad Khatib, Executive Director of 180 Capital and Chief Executive Officer of Amana Capital said: “The grouping of the entities under one structure, will help realize our vision of building an international player that delivers technology-centered solutions to the financial industry. We look forward to exploring more strategic possibilities in the future”

Amana Capital ( a member of 180 Capital (, is a specialist in online trading providing institutional and retail clients around the world direct access to the global financial markets. Amana services clients in over 80 countries. Subsidiaries are regulated by the FCA, DFSA, CySEC, CMA, LFSA, and FSC. 

Centroid Solutions ( is a technology provider that offers sophisticated risk-management solutions, automated regulatory reporting, and advanced connectivity to institutional clients; seeking improved risk visibility and stronger performance. Centroid Solutions services over 25 institutional clients.

514 Capital Partners ( is an asset manager that applies a quantitative approach to investment management. The firm designs systematic trading strategies to identify and exploit trends in major global financial markets. It manages 514 Fund, a market-beating fund with a short-term bias. 514 Capital Partners is registered with CIMA.

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Trading CFDs and Forex may expose you to significant losses