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Trading CFDs and Forex may expose you to significant losses

Amana Capital Empowers Clients with New Risk Analytics Tool RiskPulse

24 April 2019

Amana Capital has just become the first retail broker to develop an in-house risk management tool for its customers. Today the company is officially unveiling its RiskPulse smart risk analytics product alongside a new website, both designed to improve the trading experience of novice, experienced and professional traders.

The major product update together with the updated website design are enriching user experience with new features, a more modern look and access to a new suite of professional tools which Amana delivers to its customers.

Based on detailed analysis of a trader’s behavior patterns in the market, the RiskPulse software is delivering to the customer a detailed guidance about the critical aspects of his/her behavior while buying and selling multiple asset classes. RiskPulse delivers an automated analysis of the trading performance of clients, helping them understand their strengths, weaknesses and risk-taking behavior patterns. 

Amana Capital is taking the lead in delivering an essential tool for all financial market traders. Detailed information about a trader’s behavior and strategies are opening the doors to a new generation of retail traders that can address and mitigate pressure while trading the market.

The rise of AI and machine learning technologies enable brokers to offer clients with advanced assisting tools that are providing deep insight into the well-known negative feedback loops. Consequently, as traders are getting a better understanding of what causes them to lose money, they can take adequate steps to mitigate their risk exposure.

Amana Capital is no stranger to innovative technology, with the group’s founders both coming from a quant background. The ultimate success story for both clients and brokers is when traders are doing in the markets so good, that they continue trading for long periods of time.

The longer a good trader sticks with the same brokerage, the more revenue from commissions he/she generates for the company. With both sides of the equation on the winning end, the relationship between broker and client is taken to the next level.

The CEO of Amana Capital, Ahmad Khatib, commented: “At a time when regulators are increasingly vigilant over the products offered to retail clients, we decided that empowering our customers with an advanced analytics tool that can help them analyze their trading behavior is the best thing we can do. RiskPulse is not only providing our customers with a free risk analytics engine, it is also signaling to them what are the strengths and weaknesses of their approach to trading the market.”

About Amana

Amana Capital ( ), a member of 180 Capital (, is a specialist in online trading providing institutional and retail clients around the world direct access to the global financial markets. Amana Capital services clients in over 80 countries. Subsidiaries are regulated by the FCA, DFSA, CySEC, CMA, LFSA, and FSC.

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Trading CFDs and Forex may expose you to significant losses