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Trade Inmobiliara.Colonial (Inmobiliaria Colonial) in 3 Direct Steps


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Shares Dividends:

CFDs on shares are subject to dividend. When a share pays dividends to its shareholders, dividend adjustments will be made to the trading accounts of clients who hold a position on the index at 00:00 GMT+2 time zone (DST applies) on the ex-dividend date.

Buy positions will receive an amount calculated as follows:

Dividend Adjustment = dividend declared x lots

Sell position will be charged an amount calculated as follows:

Dividend Adjustment = stock dividend declared x lots

Stock Split:

When a company declares a stock split, the number of shares of that company increases, but the market cap remains the same. Existing shares split, but the underlying value remains the same. As the number of shares increases, price per share goes down

there is no impact on the company’s market capitalization the action carried out is to reflect the clients existing share position using the split ratio announced.


Client bought 200 shares in MSFT at $100, currently trading at $140. MSFT announces a 2-for-1 Stock Split, Client's 200 shares position is closed flat then 2 New positions are opened for the client, 200 shares each opened at $70, new market price is $70. Client’s equity will not be affected and remains the same as before the Stock split.